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CU: How is it in these days in the “underground scene” to produce a demo?

VICKE: It’s not that hard when you’ve got such a good studio to record in, and then we had Martin Kronlund (Gypsy Rose/Dogface) as a producer, and he’s really got a great experience with metal! We also knew more or less what we wanted the demo to sound like and told the crew when we thought that something was to be changed or added!

CU: Did you finance the recording yourselves?

VICKE: Yes we did! It’s the first time we haven’t been in a beginners band circle, and we felt that waiting for three months for some studio time wasn’t our thing, so we decided to record the demo when we felt we wanted to.

CU: Who writes the music/lyrics?

VICKE: It’s often me (Vicke) and Güsten who mostly does the writing. On this demo, it’s 50/50 in the writing, (Vickey wrote Gimme Action and Back In Hell and Gusten wrote the music to I’m Not Bound and Don’t Look Down) Though i write all song melodies and lyrics myself.

CU: Have you sent the demo to the record companies for eventual contracts in the future?

VICKE: Yeah, we have, quite recently we sent it to some smaller companies, but Phil has sent it to some of the giants like BMG, EMI, Virgin Records.

CU: Any answers yet?

VICKE: No, not yet, but It should take a while if one knows how many demos they receive.

CU: What are your influences?

VICKE: Everything and nothing, but if you are speaking about musical likenesses we have a lot of Guns N' Roses, Mötley Crüe and Metallica in our music. Then there is always older bands like AC/DC that always affects your writing.

CU: I came to think about that you sound a lot older singing on the demo, is that something you’ve been practising?

VICKE: Hmm, no I haven’t been practising and neither have I copied it. I’ve added the ”raw” sound that i can get into my voice when singing which makes me sound a little older (and much cooler if i can say so myself).

CU: Are there more people than your friends that know about you?

VICKE: Yeah, we’ve been getting known now! We’ve had some interactions with England, U.S.A and Germany, apart from the grip we’re getting on Gothenburg, in which we have our own fanbase!