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Are U Ready?!

After running around with this demo on my walkman for nearly two days, I feel that this is a record that maybe shouldn’t be classed as ‘divine’, but it’s certainly something more than all the crappy demos out on the scene in these days. Every song seems to have been planned before recorded and most of them start with the ringing sound of Phil Crusners on-time beats. Just as it has been said about In Flames, these guys have found the secret receipt on how to tune a distbox, although they don’t sound like In Flames. Raw vocals sung from the throat of Vicke Crusner (the younger part of the Crusner brothers) which sound like they are sung from somebody much older, and not only that. The Crash members really know how to handle their instruments! Listening to the beats of Crusner Senior together with the strumming of his younger brother, which handles a guitar good enough and singing at the same time. Below this, the constant pumping of eighths produced by perhaps the most mad of the members, Jonte Thorpenberg on bass and above, the flaming solos of Güsten on solo guitar makes this demo sharp as a razor.


//Current Underground