Crash - Back to Zero EP


9/10 - Exceptional.

It's not far off the mark to say the colder it gets the harder the music is.

However, for a band whose oldest member is 18 and the youngest weighs in at a tender 15, this is not the sort accomplished, no holes barred, metal you would be expecting.

From the opening Dimebag-inspired riff of 'Haunted' to the final bars of 'Long Way To Run', this EP positively sparkles with genuine musicianship, mature song writing and an attitude far detached from the average teen band.

To start with, the drums are powerful, yet controlled - they only let rip their thunder when they really need to. Locking in perfectly is a most menacing bass that rumbles like the early tremors of a rather large earthquake, every now and then springing to the front to remind you of the depth going on ('What's Over is Over' being a case in point). The twin guitar attack sits on top of this and not once is a bad riff or a set of clashing chops heard. It's full-throttle from the start only pausing for breath during the Zeppelin/Metallica tinged 'Long Way To Run'.

And then there's the vocals. Now I'm guessing here this isn't the 15 year old because if it is, there just might have been a serious volume of steroids and whiskey consumed for him to sound this powerful and growley. Oh shit...the press release tells me that it is the little un! Christ on a BMX, I wonder what his parents think!? I know one thing for sure, any stray moose or bear bumping into this lad when he's fully grown are in for a right shock!

Anyway, back to the music. 'What's Over Is Over' may be the pick of the tracks here, but it is a real close run thing between all four songs, as each one is pretty damn excellent, period. This is very nearly the perfect 4 track demo and, as you may have guessed, I really am very bloody impressed!

Go listen.

Justice would see them supporting someone like Saxon on the Swedish leg of their next tour...and then barred from the after show party for intimidating their elders! Bless their little skull embroidered cotton socks!

Written By: Pete H

Date: 10/03/2008

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