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Crash is the youngest band ever releasing a demo material that I’m going to review for the metal-revolution magazine. The average age of the band-members is like 15, so it sure puts this release in whole another perspective. This demo called Are you Ready?! is filled with clichés but still interesting as not many young bands starting today will choose to play heavy Rock ‘n Roll music. Every of the four songs seem to have been planned and played many times before they went to the recording room. The vocals of Victor Crusner are raw which gives this impression that we are dealing here with a much older band. All of the other band members know how handle their instruments as well which is really a rare thing esp. again having in mind their very young age. Another Crusner (the older brother Phillip) handles drums very well with a few tempo changes etc. The most aggressive and in front is the bass player Jonathan leaving no prisoners – this guy is really good at has a lot of potentials. But, maybe the best things are the few but well played guitarsoli from Gustaf Blix. This release is very sharp and very good for a debut, but I just needed more time, maybe a few more tracks to give my final verdict. Now I sit with mixed emotions, I like what I hear and guys can play their instruments, but on the other hand production and sound is just not at the top. The same can be said for the lyrics which are far too cliché. Still, if these guys can stick together for next 10 years I predict them to reach much higher status and be main driving force on the ever interesting Gothenburg scene. For more info on this young Swedish unit visit their website or contact them by -email-



Crash review at Metal Revolution