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Crash - Back to Zero
on Friday 04 May 2007
by bato
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author awarded score: 78/100
Self released, 2007

It is second time that metal-revolution is covering Swedish band Crash. This time this very young Swedish band, based in Gothenburg, is ready with their new material, 4 tracker demo entitled Back to Zero. As just mentioned above, what we have here is a very young but talented band with average age between 15 and 18 years of age. It is obvious to hear the huge development the band has undertaken. I mean, still they are playing typical southern rock metal sound, pure rock n roll, but the sound have improved, so has the production. The band sounds tighter and well played together. It is huge energy that this band delivers through the speakers, and it is incredible when having in mind how young they are. Worth mentioning is also the fact that this demo is recorded at Studio Fredman with Patric J as their producer. If you’re into true old school rock n roll and heavy metal this is the right CD for you. I urge you to go to or contact -email- for any additional information.


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